Article on Positive Psychology

An esteemed colleague of mine, Dr. Reji Mathew, recently published an article on Positive Psychology. Despite the fact that it has been four billion degrees in New York City every day for the past month, I must say that I’m feeling quite positive myself. Thus she elected to gather some of my thoughts on the topic. If you’re interested in reading a few serious quotes from me on an important topic click here. And yes, the editors there have been informed that they misspelled my name and that such action is completely unacceptable.
Update: After a series of polite but firm emails to the editors demanding the correct spelling of my name, I upgraded to physical threats along with a photo of a bodybuilder with my head superimposed onto it. They immediately caved so feel free to read the article without any feelings of anger.

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2 Responses to “Article on Positive Psychology”

  1. Fifi says:

    Wow! Perhaps “Ira” and some other people needed to read this article!

  2. Borderline Betty says:

    So many times, when I hear the term “positive psychology” I feel rather drained. Therefore, I appreciate your comments on this topic, especially: “I think it is important to lend a vision of optimism without denying realism. The goal is not to engage in positive thinking all the time, as it does not necessarily motivate patients to make changes. Negative emotions and experiences are part of the human condition. It is hard to experience happiness if we don’t have healthy negative emotions. At the same time, patients may be conditioned by their medical experience to think they can only be coping with non-happiness and not think about what makes them happy.”
    I also like how you focus on what patients Can do. That’s a very helpful orientation for anyone in life to have. I wonder what you mean by “healthy negative emotions”, although I assume that it’s things like anger, appropriately expressed (asserting, rather than hurting) – wooHoo, I just made that up! – and so forth.