Vote for me or I’ll Stab Your Face

In 2008, I was beyond fortunate to have Shrinks Get it Wrong Sometimes published in “The Best Creative Nonfiction, Volume 2.” I had never had anything printed in a medium other than the internet, so the thrill of seeing the words I had typed months earlier in an actual book was quite a rush.

Unfortunately, that endorphine pump needs to be primed again. I want back in the next volume, and when I asked them if I was eligible for a second go-around they said yes. Therefore, I ask you to please consider voting for one of my pieces at their site. Based on their stated criteria (e.g., time written, word length, stand-alone narrative), any and all (“all” is the important word here) of the following posts are fair game:

A Russian Doctor Hates Me

I Got Into a Fight with a Social Worker

Overcoming a Phobia…Creatively

Tough Love in the Office (Especially When a Client Touches You)

Of course, if you want to be difficult about all of this you could vote for other people’s sites, but I would have to respectfully point out that such action would be just silly. Click here to nominate (note that voting ends this Monday, April 26 at noon, EST):

Thank you in advance for your consideration. And that whole thing about stabbing your face, I probably didn’t mean it. I wouldn’t take any chances though if I were you…

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9 Responses to “Vote for me or I’ll Stab Your Face”

  1. Mel says:

    If you stab me in the face, you would get arrested and be forced to miss the NFL drafts.
    So put that knife away, Rob.

    P.S. Since you’re not my doctor, can I call you Rob and drop the “Dr.”?

  2. Mike says:

    All done. Good luck.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by DrRobD: Vote for me or I’ll stab your face. Not really. Except maybe…

  4. Nastia says:

    I would like to keep my face, so I voted. Good luck!

  5. Wayland says:

    I think I voted for the “Tough Love” story. I voted for sure.

  6. […] has four articles he’d like to have considered for publication, and you can read about them here, and he also provides a link to the nomination form.  Nominations are needed by noon on Monday, so […]

  7. Dorothy says:

    Done and done.

  8. BL1Y says:

    Any idea what the turn around on a response is?

    When I was managing editor of [XYZ Magazine] I wrote a really awesome rejection letter:

    “Dear Rejectee,

    ‘Nuff said.

    [XYZ] Staff”

    …The Editor in Chief never let me send it.

  9. Rob Dobrenski says:

    @BL1Y: that’s awesome, although I’m sure we all got the douche chills thinking about you writing that.

    The Creative Nonfiction group is awesome. They don’t simply tally votes, although they seem to take those into consideration. The first time I got in I didn’t know I was in contention, so I don’t know how long the turn-around time is. But they were very professional and timely with all correspondence once they reached out.