My New Friends are Miserable Lawyers, Getting Annoying

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I continued to shoot the breeze with the great Philalawyer, as well as BL1Y and LF10 around their “lawyers are wimps” theory (and yes, I too don’t know what these code names mean) minecraft pe free android. Truth be told, they are starting to get under my skin. Any good shrink will tell you that pent up frustration gets you nowhere, so I felt obligated to call them out on some of their rantings:

Dr herunterladen. Rob: I recently got a bill from my lawyer for $225. The invoice showed exactly what he did, in six-minute increments. Most of the time involved listening to my voicemail, leaving me a voicemail, documenting that he both heard and left the aforementioned voicemails, looking for a pen, loading Microsoft Word onto his computer to create the invoice and then typing up the bill tidal liederen. Philalawyer talks openly about the billable hour on his site and book, so I knew this was coming, but I’m pissed off nonetheless.

So, at the risk of failing out of anger management, I have a question for the three of you: My lawyer is a dick and is overcharging me, but at least I know his name (thereby allowing me the chance to go to his house and break his knees with a brick, if I so choose) herunterladen. You three are sitting here bashing your colleagues for being wimps, yet you do it behind a curtain. How do you reconcile this? Put another way, where do you get the balls/ovaries to engage in this hypocrisy herunterladen?

Head on over to Bitterlawyer to read the entire piece, and again please use their comments thread if you’d like to add to the discussion herunterladen.

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