My New Friends are Miserable Lawyers, Getting Annoying and Want to Change Their Lives

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Sometime between the copious red wine and far too much champagne that I’ve been consuming to celebrate a book deal, I completed my conversation with my lawyer friends BL1Y and the Philadelphia Lawyer. Essentially they asked for some tough love on how to be happier people. So I complied:

Dr. Rob: It’s actually quite simple. Stop taking yourself and your job so seriously, even if that means losing your career. I’ve worked in nursing homes and with patients struggling with end-of-life issues. None (zero, nada) of them have ever said that they’re glad they sacrificed their entire life to make partner—nor did anyone ever thank God they were able to afford a Beemer instead of just a Honda or consider themselves brilliant for when they agreed to take on an 80-hour work week so they could look like a douchebag in an Armani suit with a false sense of power and purpose.

Maybe losing your wimp status means quitting your job and finding something you actually like for a career. If that’s not in the cards for you, then recognize that climbing the corporate ladder and being a small cog in the machine that perpetuates nothing but greed and false promises means absolutely nothing. At the end of your life, you’ll only think about the people who cared about you and those who you positively influenced. You’ll never consider if you made your billable hours in 2010. Once you really get that, embrace the idea beyond “Yeah, yeah, I get it—now where’s that dinner I ordered and billed to my client?” and everything else falls into place.

Head on over to BitterLawyer to read the piece in its entirety, and please feel free to leave comments there.

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