Join us for the “Most Important Works of Art in the Past Decade” Exercise

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the short fiction writing exercise last month (read my entry here, as well as the winners here). We had a great time with that and got to read many fantastic pieces. As we roll into 2011, my radio co-host and I, Ben Corman, began a discussion about what the most important works of art of the past decade have been. As we started to talk about various books, films, plays, music, television shows, etc. of the 2000’s, I thought readers and listeners might want to chime in on what they believe were the most important works since 2000.

The key words here are “important” and “art.” For the purposes of this exercise, you may interpret the word art as really any product of human creativity, as long as it could be experienced by a reasonable number of people (i.e., not a poem your friend wrote that isn’t even on the internet). Important is also critical here. Did it change the way you viewed your life, or society as a whole? Did it alter the landscape of the industry in which it’s recognized? There were plenty of fantastic and entertaining works of art this past decade (and the assumption here is that works you nominate are, in fact, quite good), but that doesn’t make them important per se. They may have been just fun.*

Feel free to submit as many works of art that you’d like for consideration (no need to be wordy, a brief blurb will suffice), and Ben and I will ultimately choose ten (giving you full credit for any you nominated if you so choose). Send your nominations to me directly at However, please note that you need to tell us why something is important for it to be considered and not just send us a list. The cogency of your argument will be a major factor whether or not your suggestion “makes the cut.” Nominations will be received until Friday, January 14, and the list will be revealed here the following Monday.

* Granted, one could argue that “fun” makes something important in and of itself. However, there is virtually no way we could come up with a reasonably short list if there weren’t some specific criteria built into this exercise.

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