HotWheelz and Dr. Rob: Together at Last

Hotwheelz and I decided to chew the rag a bit on how we go about writing about difficult topics such as mental illness and physical disabilities. Somehow we just ended up talking about ourselves, however. What I learned though is that this young man is a trooper and has a lot of great things to say. Below is an excerpt, check out the first part of a conversation here:

Dr. Rob: At a young age I developed a knack for poking fun at myself without sacrificing dignity. I was lucky enough to know that I’m inherently flawed in many, many ways, so I thought by acknowledging my imperfections and having fun with them I could take away their potency. Ironically I think it helps my self-esteem. I always grapple with people who are elitists and narcissists because I’m constantly thinking, “everyone, except you of course, knows that you’re just as fucked up as the rest of us. Why can’t you see that?”

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2 Responses to “HotWheelz and Dr. Rob: Together at Last”

  1. So true. It can definitely be challenging working with narcissists, but reading up on Kohut helped put things into perspective.

  2. Lidia says:

    I’m often in awe, when I hear about inspirational people such as Hotwheelz. I can’t help, but to feel that my problems are really small in comparison. However, it’s interesting learning that Hotwheelz doesn’t appreciate that. It made me recognize, once more, that deep inside we’re all the same. We’re all basically just looking to live a fulfilling life. Of course, to each one of us that means something completely different, but I salute Hotwheelz for taking the optimist’s path. I am rooting for you Hotwheelz…