Professional Identity: Benefits and a Major Caveat

The good people over at asked me to contribute a piece on the dangers of developing a professional identity too early in life (apparently lawyers decide to become lawyers way before they know what the hell they are getting into) pinsel für procreateen. Being the agreeable person I am, I wrote it. Read an excerpt below and hit the link at the end to read the entire piece. And don’t forget to give your blessing to my Facebook page capital bra baby kostenlosen. It has a picture of my face on it.

Identity in all walks of life is important. It connects us to other people in the same group, creating communities and a sense of connection adobe photoshop lightroom. If you’re an athlete or sports fan, there’s an intense bond with others who share in the team’s successes and failures. When you live in a city, you tend to defend it against outsiders who may bash it, even if they are right santa claus spiel kostenlosen. You protect your group and the bond that you experience, simply put, feels fucking great (one unfortunate, potential side effect of strong identity is the development of hate, which you can read about here) download images iphone 6.

Read the entire article here spotify lieder herunterladen mit mobilen daten.

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4 Responses to “Professional Identity: Benefits and a Major Caveat”

  1. BL1Y says:

    One of the biggest hurdles psychologically in getting out of law was changing this mindset. Going from being “A lawyer, but…” to being “…”

    …Okay, I still don’t really know how to describe what I do to people who aren’t already familiar with legal community websites. But, I at least don’t think of myself as a lawyer any more. Though, even as a lawyer I didn’t really, it felt more like just me wearing a lawyer costume and hoping no one figures out that I’m a fraud, but that’s a whole other issue.

  2. JP says:

    I think of myself as a successful blog commenter. Not a troll, but something else. Something profoundly unpaid.

    It’s like being an associate in BigLaw, but not making $160,000 and not being micromanaged by anything except for Rob’s moderation.

    I’m just sad to see that BL1Y will never graduate to become….BLP1Y, the adventures of a BigLaw Partner. Gosh, those would have been good times. Good times, indeed.

  3. Tippy says:

    “Very few, if any, psychiatrists do actual psychotherapy (my true love) and it’s unlikely I would have ever discovered it.”

    My doctor does. My former doc did as well (only one former doc- I moved out of state). I guess I just got lucky.

    This is the article w/out curse words, isn’t it?


  4. […] They are also bonding over a common cause. This is, in many ways, a good thing, because connection creates a sense of community and belonging. They also feel happy for the families of the people who died, because those people in particular […]