Familiarity Breeds Contempt: A Lesser Known Reason why Romance in the Office is a Bad Idea

I wrote another piece for the good people over at ConstitutionalDaily.com. While the article is directed at lawyers, the title should suggest to you that it’s applicable to most professions hintergrundmusik zum downloaden. Take a look at the excerpt below and click here to read the article in its entirety:

I’ve learned that lawyers generally hate two things: 1) The law, and 2) Themselves icloud fotomediathek download all photos. Most think that misery loves company, which would suggest that you socialize, bond with, perhaps even marry someone from your office. You could share stories about billable hours, demanding clients or even the successes in the courtroom while you have lunch together or throw paper airplanes around the conference room as you count down the minutes until Happy Hour herunterladen. On the surface this perhaps sounds quite appealing. In terms of translation to real-life happiness, this is likely a poor choice.

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