‘Crazy’ Finally Hits Book Stores, Final Thoughts (The Most Important of which is ‘Please Buy It’)

I’m not quite sure where to start. There are moments you plan for days, months, years. But sometimes when they actually occur, you don’t even know how to respond. That’s right now. Other than asking you to please buy my book (see link to the right), I’m not the best at producing coherent, flowing sentences right now.

Let’s just start with thank you to all of you: readers, haters, colleagues, patients, friends and family. You all helped me stay motivated, on task and pushed me to improve as a writer. You are all mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of the book.

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know there are entries from this site in ‘Crazy” (for example, the story of Dr. Pete). That wasn’t my original intention, but as I was writing the book, too many moments appeared where I recognized certain, previously written material fit into the narrative. In other words, nothing was done via a Cut and Paste method; I promise you that anything that looks familiar is definitely edited and is relevant to the story. A very wise man told me, “be true to you fans, but recognize that when you write a book you are taking your work to a brand new audience. Don’t hold back on them.” I tried to follow this as closely as possible.

The book finished up at about 68,000 words. For reasons I can’t identify, I wanted to write a 100,000 word book, but that wasn’t in the cards here. Every time I tried to push more material in, something felt forced. My editor and I both recognized it and it was simply pulled. Fortunately, a lot of that material is now in the ‘Crazy Outtakes’ section of this site, so you are getting more reading for free if you choose to take a look.

Whether you are picking up ‘Crazy’ for a laugh and to forget whatever chaos you have going on in your world, or to examine your life and its difficulties in a more detailed fashion, I hope you get something out of it. My goal is that you’ll see that this book is about all of us, that the title captures the human experience, that we’re all fucked up, and that this fact isn’t inherently bad. Never, ever forget that we’re all crazy. The day that fact escapes you is the day you view either yourself or others as something they’re not: a person.

Now let’s go get drunk. More outtakes and stories to come, along with a fairly big announcement for what’s next…

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8 Responses to “‘Crazy’ Finally Hits Book Stores, Final Thoughts (The Most Important of which is ‘Please Buy It’)”

  1. Annie says:

    Kudos!! I don´t I´ll ever get tired of congratulating you. I´m dying to buy your book, but in the country stuck for a while have an issue about giving USD to their citizens. I have to wait until I get back to the US in order to finally read it.
    I find you extremely inspiring. Not only you are a great writer with many original and thoughtful things to say, but you do work for your dreams to come true.
    I´m looking forward to hear what´s next….

  2. Shay says:

    Congratulations again, Dr. Rob!

    This book has kept me in stitches. It’s well written and contains a lot of insight regarding what we do in therapy. I’ve decided to make an evening out of reading it and I hope to finish it tonight or at the latest, by the end of the week.

  3. Chris says:

    Would the big announcement be a movie deal with Paul Rudd playing you?

  4. Sornas says:

    My copy’s in the mail as we speak! :3

  5. Joanna says:

    Have had a look on Amazon…what, no Kindle edition 😛
    I don’t want to wait, give me something I can download!
    Congrats on the book and the brilliant web site – keep it coming.

  6. Matt says:

    I agree with Joanna. A Kindle version would be sweet. Any chance of that happening?

  7. Rob Dobrenski says:

    Yep, all e-versions will be available, just not quite sure when.

  8. Kim says:

    Hi Rob –

    I just got your book in the mail a few days ago – great job and congratulations! I’ve gotten through about 25% of it – will probably finish it within the next week or so. Really, really funny, heartwarming and lots of useful information. I love your realness.

    When are you going to start working on “I’m Crazy 2”?