Bonus Material from ‘Crazy,’ but with a Catch

As most of you know, whenever I have a good idea for book/website promotion, it’s usually stolen from my friend, The Philadelphia Lawyer. In keeping with this convenient tradition, I’d like to offer you another outtake from my book, ‘Crazy.’ However, unlike the other Outtakes, this one isn’t free. To access this 1,900 word piece of literary genius, you need to earn it:

Using any one major networking source (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, email, blog or personal website), give a strong statement about ‘Crazy’ and include this Amazon link. Please note that it is finally available on Kindle. Your statement about the book need not be positive (I’m not going to assume that you enjoyed the book), but it needs to make people at least consider reading it. In other words, something like, ‘I read a book called Crazy, and then I had lunch’ doesn’t cut it. You need to bring the pain. If you do that, just email me ( and I’ll send you the link to the bonus material. And, since we are all adults here, we will work on the Honor System; proof of promotion is not required, although know in advance that you’ll rot in hell forever if you lie to me.

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that if you haven’t read the book yet, you might want to hold off on doing this. ‘Crazy’ isn’t full of plot twists, but this material isn’t like the other outtakes. Those were free-standing mini-chapters. This is a section that was pulled out of a full chapter and may not be nearly as interesting without proper context.

As always, thanks for reading, the kind words and all of the support.

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4 Responses to “Bonus Material from ‘Crazy,’ but with a Catch”

  1. nodressrehersal says:

    Holy crap, I forgot all about you until I went looking for something in an email folder under “writing” and stumbled upon an exchange we had from waaay back in 2008 in the TIBU days. So, I’m going to order your book (because I really did enjoy your writing) and I’m going to read it. Then I’m going to post an incredibly well-written review (whether good or bad, I cannot say) in my livejournal AND on facebook, and you’ll send me a link to the bonus material, have I got that right?

    I’m friends on facebook with a handful or two of former tibu writers, and some of them are HUGE supporters of anything published by former tibu writers, so I might just be your golden ticket to riches.

  2. jabberwocky says:

    Hey, just discovered your writing through a friend – and suddenly my shrink is in 3D for me. Also suddenly, I’m not sure I need therapy any more. Thanks for the quick cure! Seriously. You’re hilarious, and a sharp antidote to all the elevation and inflation of therapy and therapeutic ideals that I seem to have absorbed from a zillion sources. Well done.

  3. Chris says:

    Finally read it (since I’m one of the lucky 6 to own a Nook) and really enjoyed it, particularly the doctor’s note. That had me chuckling. Solid mix of humor and professional sincerity. I would most definitely read a sequel should you decide to put yourself through the process again. Just tell the publisher to join the rest of us here in the 21st Century next time!

  4. Seviah says:

    I think I downloaded a kindle app; but in the end it may have been Ibooks. I fucking hate MACS read the book. As you can probably tell, I’m working my way through your entire site. It’s as I imagine you are by now aware, my way; I binge. How do I access “bonus material”?