The Mind of Male Chauvinism: An Interview with Dick Masterson, Author of “MenAreBetterThanWomen.Com”

Many readers ask about psychological problems that are intractable to psychotherapy. Conditions such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder do not have great treatment records via therapy in and of itself. And, while chauvinism is not a DSM-IV disorder per se, it remains a social problem that is not easily ameliorated.

Fresh off his appearance on the Dr. Phil show, internet celebrity and author Dick Masterson of MenAreBetterThanWomen.Com joins Dr. Rob to give us insight into the mind of what many consider misogyny. Fools and myopic readers of Dick’s site erroneously label him an “actor” or a “fictional character” used to simply get a rise out of women and sell his book in what many believe is a satirical hate-speech format deutscher einheitsmietvertrag kostenlos downloaden. Rob Dobrenski, Ph.D., however, will not fall prey to such hoodwinking.

Dick is a man with true disdain for the female form, one who is incapable of a loving and meaningful relationship with a woman. Read on as Dr. Rob uncovers the mechanisms behind Dick’s views and demonstrates the limits of a psychologist’s abilities against such unwavering conviction. Bear in mind that I might also use this interview as the basis for a research grant on Dick, the Hannibal Lechter of women-bashing:

1) While does not allow women on its site, I both allow and encourage women to read ShrinkTalk.Net. Is this a problem for the purposes of this interview?

I have no problems with women reading this interview and I have no problem catering to the female mind bilder von pinterest downloaden. Sometimes, I talk to as many as three or four women a day. Just expect my answers to be slightly less profound than they would be at a man-brain packed sausage-party like Swear words and The Truth melt women’s pretty little brains.

2) (Mental Note: Subject believes women’s brains are not only small, but attractive as well). Dick, isn’t it true that you wanted to speak to me as a form of therapy, as a way to purge yourself of your hateful ways?

As I kept insisting on Dr. Phil, I don’t hate women. I’m just aware of the mountain of evidence throughout history and science which concludes that men are better than women eurocode 3 herunterladen. Who invented the V8 engine? A man. Who discovered the teachings of Jesus? A man.

Sure, I’ve said that women are whores, but what’s wrong with a whore? A whore is a woman who provides sex in exchange for money. A trash collector collects your trash for money. A magician blows your mind for money. Women will collect and blow anything you want for a free car. I have no idea why a man would hate a whore. I suppose he might if he was broke.

3) I see. In my practice, approximately 60% of those without a diagnosed psychological problem are female, and many of my colleagues report a similar statistic. I suspect that this is because women tend to be more open to self-exploration and communication. What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve written about this in my book Men Are Better Than Women in an article titled Television, Syphilis, and Cats sender. In it, I ask how psychologists can even successfully test a woman for mental illness. How do you tell if someone spilled paint on a Jackson Pollack? 60% of the time, you can’t.

4) Okay, so in addition to not hating whores, you enjoy discussing STD’s, felines and fine art. Good. Moving on, you recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. Many see him as a wise and helpful man, despite a formal reprimand from the state of Texas for having a dual relationship, as well as portraying himself as an authority in specialties that are outside his area of study. What “Man Advice” would you give to such a charlatan and poor excuse for a man?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I don’t take advice from tampon salesmen din herunterladen. As soon as I put a tampon ad between the words “are” and “better” in, you can officially reject everything I say.

While I was on Dr. Phil, I saw a form of worship and fervor that I have not seen outside of a Pentecostal church. Not worship over Dr. Phil’s advice or teachings, but over the general gestalt of his empire. You might want to include a definition of that fancy word for your female audience.

I’m not sure Dr. Phil is even selling psychological advice. I think he’s selling a religion, and I have no problem with that. You can see the tampon ad a mile away.

5) I think all of us are familiar with the definition of…wait, what was that term again wetransfer auf ipad downloaden? Gestalt? Never mind. I often see men in my practice who struggle with issues related to intimacy and commitment. I suspect you do as well. What do you believe is behind these difficulties?

“Issues” with intimacy and commitment are good things. I’m tired of this vagina-conspiracy targeting men and their perfectly honed instincts — which I call manstincts. “Intimacy” and “commitment” lead to one thing: marriage. Marriage is a 50/50 bet with everything a man owns — including any sex he may or may not be getting over the next ten years.

There should be neon signs in front of churches telling you to fuck off. A few emotional warning signs are your first line of defense against insanity microsoft word kostenlosen vollversion.

6) (Mental Note: Remind pastors in therapy to tell clergy to “fuck off”). Your critics have suggested that your attitude toward women is due to a defect in your early bond with your mother, but I suspect a neurological problem or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Do you have a TBI?

Traumatic brain injury? I can’t say that’s impossible. I used to box and I did get a pretty good crack on the head one time trying to feel up an Irish girl with a huge rack at Starkbierzeit in Munich. Great festival, but nowhere near as mancredible as Oktoberfest.

Back to my mother, eh? My mother told me not to write the book and not to write the site. Sounds like a good mother to me.

7) What advice would you give to women who have unfaithful spouses?

Hit the Treadmill. You can find more information about that at netflix filme herunterladen wieviel gb. A man will never cheat on a woman who keeps him well fed and well fucked. It’s called “responsibility”.

So sex, exercise and gustatory satisfaction are the keys to marital bliss? Fascinating. Do you have issues with female animals, or just female people?

Female animals actually share a lot in common with female humans. Female mosquitoes, for example, suck blood while male mosquitoes do not. Male mosquitoes are content with chillin. Female lions are also so greedy that they do all the hunting. If I was a lion, I would love running around the dessert killing the shit out of everything. Female lions are selfish.

9) If men are truly better than women, what is your take on how marriages can be more successful microsoft excel chip for free?

The only marriage that will ever work is the one between chocolate and peanut butter that is the delicious candy snack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. All other marriages are frauds and hoaxes. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Dick, thank you for that…enlightening experience.

Dr. Rob, very much unlike Dr. Phil, knows when to cut his loses. The cliché fits in this case: the person has got to want to change for your work to have an impact. He might also need a neurological exam, but that’s neither here nor there. For more “manlightening” speech, check out Dick Masterson’s website, and his book of the same name whatsapp no longer media. Damn, I hope my mother doesn’t read this.

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99 Responses to “The Mind of Male Chauvinism: An Interview with Dick Masterson, Author of “MenAreBetterThanWomen.Com””

  1. Sam says:

    The idea that you have about all great minds being male is the result of our patriarchal society’s negligence to include women’s contributions in our history books. Women only recently have been given rights that are anywhere near similar to the one’s men have had for thousands of years. Maybe you should check a book out about it before you continue making these ignorant claims. Women are making great strides ever since laws were passed to give them equal opportunities.
    Dr. Rob Note: I think this is supposed to be directed at Dick Masterson of

  2. Miyoka says:

    OK so I’m sorry if this seems stupid but is this a real guy? Like he isn’t a joke?
    Cuz I can’t tell, and everyone commenting seems to think differently. Plus I kinda got bored after the first half of the comments.
    So… um yeah. Is he real? Cuz if he is I have to find out why he thinks that. And try and convince him against it.
    I could be all like “Hay what is the 3rd derivative of sin(3x^(2/4))”
    And if he didn’t know I’d be all like “Hey, I win!” But if he did know then I’d just be like “well so what I’m wayyyy younger then you, did you know that when you were my age?”


  3. FukNugget says:

    Holy crap, it is useless to argue over this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if people want to think a specific way then so be it. You can not sway an opinion even with facts, that is called ignorance.
    Why did anyone not realized that yet? Excluding those who weren’t in the heated debate.
    Do the math. I am insulting both men and women. Not for their sexes, but merely for the fact that you both have stated some extremely ignorant things. All women are whores? A man should be kicked in the balls?
    Grow up, this is the internet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When I saw Dick perform on the Dr. Phil show, I saw a boy in his mid twenties vying for a piece of the American market and I saw an opportunistic pop-psychiatrist take advantage of this boy for the sake of ratings.
    For the love of God would someone get Dick some legitimate psychological help? With the hatred he spews, his cattle (read: website members) cannot discern between the absurd and the dangerous. The message is blended and they take that dysfunction into the real world. We don’t need more dysfunction for the sake of book sales and television ratings.
    Dick speaks in generalities and then throws in his version of statistics, skewed to meet his dysfunctional perception of the world. This will sell books, certainly. And when Dick finds himself a rich man, he will also find himself a victim of his own diatribes. No doubt he will “marry” a golddigging whore who cheats and spends all his money. How can he not? That is all he recognizes. It would be bad for book sales to marry a woman with dignity, and a woman with dignity wouldn’t put herself in the line of fire of such a man who disrespects another based on gender.
    You can feel sorry for Dick, but I think he knows exactly what he is doing. At the end of the day, the only thing the women Dick has always wanted will be interested in is the size of his phallus and, failing that, the size of his bank account and investments.
    Here’s hoping he is smart enough to avoid procreation. Not because he is fundamentally damaged on a physiological level that could affect any offspring, but because any offspring raised in the teachings Dick is so eager to share is bound to spread that same poison elsewhere.

  5. TheKing says:

    Beautiful. I notice the majority of the comments are from crackheads needing help themselves (meaning, those in Bizarro World that do not understand Reality as a whole).
    So, it isn’t ok for Dick to speak, it is only ok for hacks and Oprah Lovers to do so. Only THEY are right, no one else has the option but to follow.
    Sounds like Fascism and Feminazi’s to me. No wonder women would vote for Hitler, since all they do is whine about wanting to chop anyone off that has a different opinion.
    Oh wait, that is obviously women in general.
    Talk without speaking, and as loud as possible with no end in sight, over minor issues.
    Sweet. Sounds to me like Dick is stomping the crap puddle you people live in.
    Sucks to be the whining part of culture to only have a man come along and say you are as useless as men everywhere already knew. Only a woman would glorify mediocrity and laziness.
    And that MEN have a right to be heard, NOT JUST WOMEN. Unless you spell woman with a “Y”, you have forgotten that MEN make the world go ’round.
    Yeah, I would think it would suck too if I only had the last 10,000 years of MANkind and history as a whole thrust into the faces of woMEN who happened to have forgotten who put them on the map.
    Men of course.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The “King” makes sense, in a paranoid hateful sort of way.

  7. Purpurn says:

    I got through maybe six comments before I couldn’t stand it any longer, so because I haven’t sat through everyone’s babble I don’t know if views such as my own have been expressed…. and because I’m so late the conversation, I doubt anyone will know.
    First of all, and most importantly, I love this site. I dispise therapy and medications, and anyone who can’t get over their petty crap… but it’s a great read and very interesting.
    Second, women are stupid, on average. Seriously now… think about it: we’re groomed to do nothing but look pretty and wait for the knight in shining armor to take care of us. As children, we’re given Barbies and make-up, young boys get BB guns and firecrackers (we can see who got jipped). And if you don’t follow that cliche as a child, you’re made fun of.
    I am a woman, but I will say this… 90% of women are stupid whores. Seriously. But you can’t blame them… you can only pet them on the head and say ‘Of course you matter’.
    Maybe I’m just a jealous stupid whore myself, but I’ve got to say that for a chick, I’ve got more backbone and balls than any other woman I’ve ever met.
    I take that back… any other straight woman.
    I can’t stand this be nice crap,
    I don’t want to say I hate myself but, I seriously can’t hold a conversation with another woman. It’s utterly impossible when the only thing going through their minds is celebrity gossip and a multitude of other useless and unimportant crap.
    I’ve always been one of guys, (and no it’s not ’cause I’m gay OR ugly, i’m relativly average in all physical senses) I think it’s because I grew up being told no, and I asked why and played sports and got a BB gun anyways instead of putting my makeup on.
    Anyways, I just wanted to jump in and say male chauvinism, it’s kinda…. deserved. Maybe not deserved, but definatly applicable.

  8. dalsgaard says:

    His site is obviously great. People love reading it for all kinds of different reasons, no matter if he’s an actor or not.
    And I simply don’t care what anyone says. It’s important to be proud about your gender. It’s important to hear that it’s great to be a man. And it’s fucking cool to have somewhere to read about it, have a good laugh, and feel empowered as well.
    Men are always brought down because we are supposed to be able to take it. No matter if we can take it or not, I like the fact that this guy brings us up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Excellent point. It is great to be a man, and it’s great to hear how great you are as a gender – as a whole. As a woman, it is great to hear stories that empower women as well, and I don’t understand this whole gender standoff that many, of both genders, take on.
    I saw that Dr. Phil show, and I must say that Dick was funny. Cocky, calm, and darned funny. Still, the things he said, both on his website and on the show, were disheartening for me to hear and read. My whole issue with his perspective and, for that matter, the perspective of women as well who make fun of men to belittle them for their perverted feminist ideaologies, is that they lump all of us into these tightly-fitted pigeon holes that don’t fit.
    In the end, I feel that if it takes an extreme point of view to bring this issue of how men have been portrayed of late in the media as dated old specimens of a species too evolved to take seriously, then so be it. As the wife of a wonderful man and a mother of a wonderful son and daughter, I find misogyny and misandry to be as “dated” as the days when we thought the world was flat. I simply cannot support any side in this and I can, quite frankly, see how men are pissed off at their media portrayal, in addition to how unfair the justice system is on men and fathers.
    I know that many have taken a lighter view on this and have found it “hilarious”, but for me the issue strikes fear in me as a mother. What would I do if my son were to be a victim of misandry in the justice system? What if my daughter becomes victim to misogyny by a man who truly degrades her by virtue of her gender? The answer is that they will be victims in some sense UNLESS things change. I’m not confident that they will, so my job in raising my children is to teach them the balance each gender brings, the differences in each that make them equal, and how, when we bring these differences together, we can have a great life – not unlike the life my husband and I share.

  10. Anonymous says:

    For whoever said something to the degree of “two distinct sexes”, I must beg to differ. There are people born with extra chromosomes, missing chromosomes, ambiguous genetalia or both female and male external genetalia. Granted in the eyes of nature these may be viewed as “mistakes”, but some cultures have revered these people as superior because having maleness and femaleness makes for a more complete person. We all are different and it’s more energy efficient to just accept and (god forbid!) admire those differences.
    And when looking to “History” for all the facts, remember that the writers of these History books also tend to have their own best interests at heart, leaving out portions that appear unflattering. I don’t mean only men but also European/White imperialists. Until recently, many people did not know the extent to which white settlers tried to wipe out the indegenous peoples of North America. Just imagine what other material has been left out for so long it can no longer be retrieved.
    Reading most of these posts made me feel slightly ill. It sounds like most people want to believe that they (the individual, not their gender) are superior to others and therefore rally among their gender, for the “strength in numbers”. If you can justify your existence to yourself, fantastic. No one else really cares to hear about it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Quite an acrimonious attitude toward the interviewee for a guy who can’t even spell ‘desert’ correctly in his transcription. And if it was an email interview, you should at least include a [sic].

  12. Anonymous says:

    To the person who did this interview, you are a sad little man… and it is obvious for anyone with some brain in his/her head to see this.
    People like you are weak and that is why they are where they are. You know better what I am talking about.

  13. Anonymous says:

    All of the comments below are from women, so they mean nothing.

  14. Bruce says:

    One thing i have learned is that for good or for worse Dick Masterson has the same qualities and faults as do many women whom have a misplaced sense of blind self righteousness. as long as Dick doesn’t give in admitting to his mistakes then there are none, same way a women acts just to try to be independant and prove a point when there really is no call for it she made a mistake but will never give in. This is a vicious cycle because despite the fact that Dick claims he doesnt hate women in many ways he does he hates the fact that men have to read the minds of women and always have to put our best foot foward despite our genuine selves to always have to prove something to women 24/7 women will scrutinize our sense of style to how we talk to our mannerisms how we argue with them how we communicate with them how to take care of not only their needs but their wants as well, what do men wan’t from women think about all we wan’t is love like the beatles. the moment the women notices weakness in her man is the moment she thinks about changing him or cheating, what the hell. and it is this behavior in women in many ways that has made Dick who he is . i do give him credit though for speaking his mind and many of us men right or wrong need to speak out. too many corrupt women are not putting in equal effort to be honest. all they see is what they don’t like in men and how they are weak. all men feel when they see a women is love and despite the pointless nagging we men put up with it.

  15. Bro says:

    Its funny, women (and men) want to change him because he thinks for himself instead of how YOU want him to/think he should be. NOBODY wants your liberal BS people. Quit degrading people because they think different than you. “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” –Friedrich Nietzsche
    Time to grow up and realize that nobody has to think like you do. I have more of an open mind than most people, I could bet on it. Because I read his sites info, and judged what I read based on personal experiences and common logic. Most of what he says is true about women. To deny it, is to be either a butthurt feminist or just a pathetic person who doesn’t want to face the truth. I found a poll of women and cheating. 70% would never forgive their SO for cheating but 59% would cheat if they could get away with it, with only 12% of those saying theyd feel guilty. 23% said they had too much respect for their SO and 18% said cheating is immoral. Yeah. Hard to have respect for you when most of you would cheat but never forgive us for doing so. I completely understand why any man would hate women or be sexist against women, but I do not and am not. I respect this man for having balls. And for the record, chauvinist means “blind loyalty to a cause.” To all the feminitwits and feminazis, you are wrongly using this word, and thus prove your stupidity. Yes, I hate feminists with a passion.

  16. Annie says:

    I hear more scenarios of women forgiving their husband for cheating than men. Actually, over here, at times that cheating could turn into murder if the guy finds out.

  17. Annie says:

    The same way you understand why this guy hates women, don´t you think that you wouldn´t be here in the first place if it wasn´t for a woman?
    Honestly, I am in love with the feminist movement because if it wasn´t for those women who fought in the past, I would still be bound to be submissive to whoever I marry.

  18. elisa says:


  19. Brown says:

    u are a focking coward, because people like u like to post shit like this because u know Dick will not here to defend him self… BICH
    try to do that with him if u dare!!!!!

  20. Katharine says:

    Honestly, I think the people spewing misogyny on here have forgotten that men are just as capable of being irrational morons as women. Most PEOPLE are idiots. It’s not a case of one gender and not the other.

    TheKing, I see you’ve forgotten all about scientists, doctors, engineers, and presidents who are women. Look up a list of Nobelists; there are a lot of accomplishments that wouldn’t exist without the women who discovered them. Weak-willed little idiot; you’re no man.

  21. Hitori says:

    “Female lions are so selfish they do all the hunting”?!?!?
    Wgat, are there not enough gazele left for all of the lions lying around sleeping? …that was a patheitc example of male superiority.

  22. Hzzz says:

    – Dick Masterson is an excellent pianist. – Best sentence all yesterday. You can say it too ladies, it’s fun! ;] , Today the best sentence so far is “I thought you were making out by the A.T.M.”
    By the way patriarch meeting is at the Elks Club this Wednesday @ 3-10 P.M. topic is as usual how to keep women oppressing themselves so we can have more time drinking and playing golf.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Men will be men. 🙂

  24. Terror says:

    @Bro Ever wonder why the phrase “the blind leading the blinding” hints at things turning ugly? If so, then doesn’t that mean that chauvinism, or “the blind loyalty”, will lead this blind society into a pit of despair that feminists tried to get us out of?
    Think about this before you sleep at night…

  25. Americanchick says:

    Purpurn- I think you have the cause and effect mixed up. Long-standing male chauvinism is what encourages women to be “stupid” in the first place. Admittedly there are stupid women, just as there are stupid men who lead unproductive lives- chasing girls all day, drinking every night, etc.

    As for this guy Dick- sure you are entitled to your own opinion, but in the end the only women who will even come near you are gold diggers who don’t care about you.

  26. Cameron says:

    I initially thought posting this on the actual men are better site would be pointless because I’d only end up being cannon fodder, but after reading more articles on this guy out of sheer curiosity, I thought I may as well have my 2c. Of course my opinion doesn’t matter anyway because I’m just a woman *facepalm*

    Most of the men I know don’t think they’re better than women. I live with 3 male friends, have a brother and a dad and a pop and uncles and share an office with 4 men (yes, that’s correct, I work in an office) and they are nothing like this Dick guy. The best cooks I know are men, I have girl friends who are lawyers, and I was friends with a girl who was a diesel mechanic, then got married and had a kid. I was raised by my dad, who loves to cook, and my brother performs in musicals and sings/dances (before you cannon-fodder me, no, they’re not gay, and if they were who would give a fuck?) I even play sport with men who don’t treat me any differently from the other men playing. None of my ex boyfriends were like that either.

    Any guy who regularly uses puns on the word ‘man’ should get the alarm bells ringing (“smite together with the whim of our awesome manly power”), ditto for anyone who starts a blog with ‘no women allowed!’ It sort of reminds me of a sign outside a 5 year old boy’s bedroom or tree house, and someone who says that tourette’s is not only a speech impediment, but all women have it.

    I guess the thing is, sensible women will find sensible men, and the silly men like Dick will end up with, well, silly women.

  27. Miranda says:

    As the old saying goes… you get what you give…

  28. ItsAboutTime says:

    wow, i have got to check out that website! finally someone with the, dare i say, balls to put his neck on the block for much of what many of us feel. first, to put things in perspective, psychologists are by no means the pinnacle of human intellect. sorry rob, nothing personal but you can’t even cure yourselves. this dick guy, however, is clearly 100 points ahead of anyone in the article or this blog. psychologists ask a lot of inane questions, and when given inane responses have nowhere to go thus cry “foul” and declare the respondent intractable, which they further define as having “unwavering conviction”. uhhh…pot…kettle? granted, dick might be a bit sarcastic, but sarcasm is a dialect that, in many ways, is much kinder than the terms employed by psychologists hiding behind the shield of the dsm. dick for president!

  29. No name says:

    I don’t understand why he bashes women. I mean, he wouldn’t even be on the planet if it weren’t for a women. But what I also don’t understand is why in the comments people who dissagree with him (mostly those of which are female like me) bash men in return, which makes them no better than the ignorant man telling the world that men are better than women. When will everyone realize that we are all essentially made as equals? Now I’m not saying every person is of equal intelligence, just that the median of intellect does not vary from one gender to the other.

  30. AA says:

    His name suits him perfectly. I think his mother foresighted that he’d grow up to be one so she named him Dick in advance.

    The fact that he has entitled his whole life to writing books and creating websites about how women suck, clearly shows what a sad, pathetic and lost soul he is. He chooses to spend every minute of his life thinking and expressing his hatred for women while women don’t even give a damn that he exists. Its insanely ironic and ludicrous that he is so blinded by his hate that he can’t even see how its women controlling him and the misogynistic likes of him and NOT the other way around. They all live in a paradox of being ‘superior’ and ‘in control’ not realizing how THEY have let WOMEN influence each and everyone of their decisions and thoughts (even if out of hate) and in turn their whole life. Physical superiority is futile when one has no control over his mind. A person is not superior just because he/she is of a certain race, gender, or religion. It the individual’s actions and attitude that makes him better than the others.

    This makes me so sad. It’s really so sad. I hope he finds his way back and all who follow him.
    It’ll be so sad when at the end of his life he’ll look back and realize that he entitled every minute of his life to the very thing he hated.

  31. Mary says:

    Mummy did not love you. I had a husband with bi-polar and then my new partner was a narcissist although I was never told.. They both had children but did not bother to ask if I wanted any children. I did express my wishes but they both thought they owned and controlled me. Well managed to get out of this mess and it was hard but being on my own I feel better and can come to terms with being used by men I thought I knew. Always be careful of men who hate women – mummy never loved them and they don’t get over it.


  32. thinkpink414 says:

    @no name…
    There is a major difference between him bashing women and the women commenters bashing him… he is degrading all women. He is doing this through every public forum/outlet he can to make the biggest name, spread the most of his bulls__t, and make the most money asap.

  33. thinkpink414 says:

    @no name- continued (comment was cut off)
    He is encouraging men to feel this way about women – all women. While the comments on here by women are bashing him not men. They are justified in this. I know I am not ok with being judged as an individual based on other women. I dont want my husband being judged in the same group as the doucebag dick. Coming to the defense against him is not wrong because he put us, as women, on the defense.

  34. Gary Garland says:

    Men are just as good as women, but we must try a bit harder cause our chemistry often weighs us down. Our muscles have made men idiots. What a shame. forgive us.

  35. Anonymous says:

    This guy is getting paid to be an asshole. This whole uproar is exactly what he wanted! Everybody talking about him. Everybody buying his book. He’s becoming a millionaire by acting like a a male chauvanist pig, and laughing all the way to the bank. If you don’t like what he is saying, don’t watch him. Don’t buy his book. It only encourages him. We all know he is just trying to hit nerves. And you all are falling for it. Men are not better. Women are not better. They are just different. And what’s better and what’s not better is a matter of opinion. And everyone has their own opinion that is different. If he wants to believe he’s right. Let him! Don’t let it bother you! Don’t give it a second thought. Just move on. Be above it. I am!

  36. funnyshit says:

    Is this what people do with their spare time? You guys are lame. I shit my pants…there, get creative with that

  37. sino 191 says:

    Well i ve read the ideas of dick masterson and i absolutely agree with him. There are lot of things that show that man is superior.
    . Who invented electricity ? Who invented the car ? Why all the presidents are man ? This is obviously because we are more intelligent, we have more ideas, people trust in us… The only thing that girls want is to have make up and go shopping… Nothing very interesting.

  38. Aw says:

    The biggest joke is that people take him so much more seriously than he takes himself. You fools just keep falling for it. Your questions sounded juvenile and accusatory and if you really believed what you were saying, you wouldn’t have needed to resort to that. Just couldn’t contain your emotional upheaval, lolc

  39. bonebad says:

    Mary this disease comes from their dads! He probably treated his mom the same way he treats, other women! Blaming his mom only enhances his erratic behavior!
    And Bro! we are sick and tired of your tea party chauvinistic BS!
    Brown. You are such a coward! Dick refuses it allow women to post on his site! He does not get to have two forums!

  40. bonebad says:

    And to Mr. it’s about time, I would rather trust the shrink with the balls to tell Dick what an asshole he is instead of shrinking, contrary to popular belief! Dick is not the pinnacle of intelligence! Give me the psychologist!

  41. Duck Musterson says:

    Yeah, you all know that Dick Masterson is a satirist, right?

  42. Russel says:

    I’m strong male . I don’t take BS. from women . Stay in you place . We are different . The fact that so many women hate Feminists is obvious that they like to be feminine and chased by guys . They like the attention , they like the power to do the picking ,right ? There are some idiots out there who go hard on women but there are a lot women who are men -haters too . The fact that I sleep with a lot of women means that they like confident , macho ,handsome guy like me . You don’t’ cook for me you don’t get to date me ! Sorry ladies . There are not to many ladies left out there but that is different discussion . I meet a lot female who act like pigs. Women watch porn too . A lot . I have no problem with this . Just when you are out there if you are single women, be nice , smile , don’t be an asshole to men . Maybe this why you are single . Because you act like a cunt . Most women act like cunts and they think is cute . No , it is not cute to be a cunt girls !

  43. Mara Delaney says:

    I am 12 years old. I am female. Honestly, Dick Masterson makes me sad. He makes me feel like all men have this horrible, sick, twisted idea that men are automatically superior to women. I wish he wasn’t imprinting these horrendous ideals into the minds of everyone on this message board. Because, who knows what other children like me might be on this? We kids are given quite a bit I leeway you know! Do you really want boys to grow up being mysoginists? Hell, this post could make girls misandrist! They would believe that all boys will believe this, and treat them like shit. I’m sorry for cursing, but I am quite upset. I DON’T WANT TO BE MISANDRIST! And I don’t want to date a boy that is mysoginist.

  44. John says:

    Dick just presents himself a very vulgar and humurous-smart aleck way to piss people off. Oddly enough everything Dick says is true.

  45. SteakSteakWineSteak says:

    I imagine Dick watches everyone losing their shit and continues to eat his expensive steak and wine. He showed how everyone wants the most ridiculous thing to be true so they can poke on how ridiculous it is. People still pee on jellyfish stings.

  46. Fu'quanda says:

    I do everything dick Masterson says that should please my husband and we still aren’t happy. Wanna know why? My husband is just not a happy person in general. The only thing that keeps a man is a man that wants to be kept. I’m 5’7, 116lbs, I take care of myself and our child. This guy is absolutely daft if he blames a marriage failing because a woman gained 15 pounds.

  47. Bluestar says:

    A rebuttal to all of these points:

    1) And I’m sure those conversations go REALLY well, don’t they?
    How do you find a way to be even less profound than a puddle of piss? That takes talent. Also, you’re thought process melts everyone’s brains, both male and female.

    2) Has it ever occurred to you that men have had more history because women were never even given a chance to learn about the outside world? Of fuckin’ course a man invented the V8 engine, the only option that women had was to stay at home and raise the man’s stupid kids.
    If you’re hanging around women that’ll blow you for a car, you really need to find a better crowd. Like… seriously. You’re gonna die of some horrible disease.

    3) Women go undiagnosed because they don’t want to be seen as crazy, mainly because of people like you. Also, I think people would notice if a famous, million dollar painting was suddenly altered. Trust me, I’ve seen how art world works. They’d go apeshit REEAAL quick.

    4) You do realize that both men and women have the capacity to be sucked into a fanatical cult mindset, right? All it takes is crippling alienation and loneliness- you’d probably know how that feels, huh?- not necessarily a vagina. ISIS sells a religion, and all of their members are male.

    5) *Sigh* Marriage and intimacy doesn’t always lead to commitment, numbnuts. What do you thing same sex couples have been doing all this time??? Just because two people love each other doesn’t mean they get married. I do have to say though: If a woman extorts her husband out of his belongings out of sheer greed, then yeah, she’s a total bitch. P.S., please stop putting “man” at the beginning of words, it makes you sound stupid.

    6) Okay, first off, again, stop putting “man” at the beginning of words. Seriously, it makes you sound like a total dingus. Second, you’re damn lucky that when you committed sexual harassment, you only got decked, and rightly so. Where I come from, people that grope other people are pepper sprayed and promptly arrested.
    Also, you went against your mother’s wishes, and in doing so probably crushed any hope she may of had at becoming a grandparent. Good on you.

    7) Having grown up in a divorced household, and knowing divorced people- one of which is a man, who’s wife left him and her kids- that’s very far from the truth.
    Mosquitoes have to suck blood to get nutrients to lay eggs and carry on the male’s genes. Same goes for lions hunting; they need a lot of nutrients to, y’know, give birth to and raise the male’s cubs. Also, the male lions will kill cubs of other males, and then rape the mothers, so I think things even out in the selfishness department.

    9) While I agree that chocolate and peanut butter are THE marriage, I have to disagree with all other marriages being frauds and hoaxes. From a merely technical standpoint, marriage and the commitment that comes with it is very, VERY real, and a lot of times, people go into it not realizing that. THAT’S what causes a lot of failure. Not that it matters in your case much. No self-respecting woman is ever gonna settle for someone like you. Not even if she’s desperate.

    I think that it would be good if you just stopped for a while and just looked at your life. Seriously. Just look at it. THIS is the kind of legacy that you’re going to leave behind. You could’ve used the power of the Internet to get attention in a positive, constructive way, and then used that power to do such great things. You could’ve made these world a better place. But no… your just another tool who’s making bank off of being a tool, and once society grows tired of you and moves on, you’re gonna die sad and alone, because of all of the shitty things you’ve said. Then, you’re gonna fade from everyone’s collective conscious, because that’s what happens when a society makes progress. People like you are left to atrophy in the desolate, dusty corners of the Web.

  48. Seviah says:

    Lee Krasner, certainly distinguished in her own right could tell–and, arguably, develop, a Pollock. And in focusing on the forest, she managed to avoid the tree.

  49. Seviah says:

    And why is food and sex always the sine qua non of relationship measures. There are ideas and yes art and adventure and thought and conversation and poetry and ziplining. If you’re Hillary Clinton, there’s running for president. There’s shopping.