Help “We’re All Crazy” Get Published

My agent told me that it’s very important to increase my media exposure. He said that so many promising books ultimately get passed on by publishers due to the author simply being an unknown commodity. Publishing is about business, not art, and those who decide which books hit the shelves and which stay on authors’ laptops want some assurances. I stressed that my millions of readers would definitely be interested in reading my book, but he was unimpressed.

“Get out there and do interviews, give quotes, get on television. Start getting people to think about the name ‘Dr. Rob.'”

“So whore myself out?” I asked.


So there you have it. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be a nicer person, here’s your chance to aid me in my emotional prostitution. If you are involved with the media and need an expert (and let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve seen me on tv, so the term ‘expert’ is very loosely defined here), I’m your man. If you have a popular website and would like a contribution, please let me know (I’ll be sure to provide a link on this site if you wish to increase your readership). As long as it doesn’t involve excessive nudity (i.e., more than five minutes), contact me. In short, stop contacting Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew for your mental health consultations. I’m a much cheaper date.

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18 Responses to “Help “We’re All Crazy” Get Published”

  1. I can poke around if you want, as I seem to know random ppl.

  2. Amber says:

    I love that you’re whoring yourself out. I’ve got friends in radio…if you come to Canada I’ll hook you up.

  3. April says:

    You know good and well there’s a difference between self-promotion and whoring. You get to choose. Good luck! If you have expertise in a certain area, look for ways to get in that industry. I’m thinking specifically about Dan Savage’s Savage Love podcast. He often has guests on (shrinks, doctors, dominatrixes) who help him with calls. Or is there a podcast in your town you’d fit in with?

  4. Scott says:

    I’ll take a look around.

  5. Griffin says:

    I hear Dr. Drew is pretty buff. If logic serves me correct, you should bulk up 50 pounds and change your banner picture to a shirtless pic. Bam, instant Hollywood.

  6. Katie D. says:

    Hey Dr. Rob, I’d been meaning to do this anyway, but after reading your plea for people to whore you out I just wrote a post about you and your site on my blog. It’s here if you’re interested: I’m always amazed by how many people actually read my stuff (I have it linked from my facebook and my friends are in college, so, you know, procrastination gets me readership) so it might get your name into a few more peoples’ heads. Sadly, this is the only connection I have, but hey, I do what I can. Good luck with the publishing process!

  7. Scott says:

    Uhhh…..tell your publicist the book will have no problem making money.

  8. Kim Haasarud says:

    Hi Rob –

    I meant to respond to your post earlier, but we’re just moving to Phoenix, so needless to say, I’ve been a little manic.

    I’ve had several books published (six in total) but it’s in an entirely different field (food & beverage) … although, drinking and therapy are probably related more closely than I imagine …

    But, a few things I’ve learned –

    1) You’re not going to get rich of having a book published. Yeah, it’s a little something, but definitely not enough to make a living off of unless you’re a household name like John Grisham. BUT, it does get your name out there and lends you more credibility. (It’s kind of strange, because I’ve studied mixology for nearly 20 years, but that doesn’t mean squat to a lot of people. But wow, I have a book and people automatically assume I’m an expert just based on the fact that I have a book. Go figure.)

    2) Self-Promotion. This is such a deal breaker for most publishers. If they feel like you’ve got an audience (which you do, so that’s a huge plus for you), they are much more likely to give your book a shot because you have a built-in audience. Oh, and if you do get booked on any media outlet, talk like your book is already getting published. And, don’t count on a publisher doing a lot of PR – most of it will be in your hands. Long gone are the days of book tours, book signings, etc.

    3) Hire a publicist once the book comes out. That sounds like it might be expensive, but it’s really not. I hired one for my first book for just a few months and it really paid off. They got me booked on radio, TV, print, etc. Hopefully, it starts to snowball a little bit.

    4) Big publisher vs. Small publisher. Going with a big publisher is great because they have an internal sales team and internal publicist on staff that will help promote the book. Big downside is that you lose some amount of control or even content in the book. (My publisher actually nixed a few of my recipes in the book and told me to submit a few more that were “simpler”) A small publisher on the other hand will give you much more control, but will not have the resources to get it out into the world like a big publisher will.

    I would be happy to contact my publisher at Wiley if that would help or even my agent at Dystel & Goderich. They are both culinary, but they could probably steer you in the right direction. And, if I come across contacts from media sources that I think would be appropriate for your field, I’ll forward them on.

    Who knows, maybe I can come up with a psychotherapy drink … I did create a drink after my own therapist in my next book called “Chocolate Narcissa” (she’s a big chocoholic.)

    Hope this helps.



    PS: Check out “Iron Chef America” next Sunday. I’m a judge. They kept applying me with sake and Prosecco, so I got loose lips by the end of the show.

  9. Anonymous says:

    More power to you.i have actually bookmarked it to show some of my friends

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  11. Lucrecia Maurer says:


  12. Good post as always. Thanks for sharing. I really envy your writing skills.

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