Dr. Rob Reviews “Men Are Better Than Women,” the Book

Walking through Barnes and Noble recently I noticed a book with a familiar title. It was by Dick Masterson, the man who stole the show on Dr. Phil, the man I had interviewed just a few months ago as part of my research into the mind of misogyny.

Even though I patently disagreed with his beliefs I was morbidly curious to see what “MANspiration” Dick was giving out in his tome citrix receiver for mac. He did say nice things about both his mother and prostitutes during our interview. That was nice of him. And it did cross my mind that I could continue my research using his book as a resource.

Tucking the book under my arm so that a woman wouldn’t see me holding it and begin to think I’m a woman-hater, I purchased it from the only male cashier in the store herunterladen. He gave me a knowing wink as if I had entered the gates of some perfect Man-topia.

Flipping through the book on the subway I noted the venom that is vintage Dick Masterson:

You women are delicate creatures and don’t have the stomachs or the brains to look into the supernova of raw and uncensored man-logic that compromises this book. Your fragile women-psyches cannot stand the depths of sophomoric intellect this book conjures on every page. Women, feel free to go broaden your horizons with healing crystals, Feng Shui wheels, or any of that other new-age monkey shit sticker zumen. Ever wonder why no one who anyone respects – like your father or Donald Trump – buys into that crap? Of course you don’t, because you’re a woman. You don’t wonder about anything.

Such disdain. Such hatred. Some of my female friends have healing crystals. They wonder, don’t they mozila firefox? In fact one said to me the other day “Rob I wonder why anyone would read your website. It’s pretty dumb.”

But Dick didn’t rely on anecdotal women bashing. He incorporated research findings into his argument that women are the cause of divorce:

Women are always the reason for a divorce: your wife, her bitchy friends, her mother, even your own daughter, all conspire against you to fuck up something that’s sacred herunterladen. Women are sacrilegious as shit.

Don’t believe me? Perhaps you’ll believe my friend, Science.

Gordon Dahl and Enrico Moretti are responsible for the following data:

Parents of girls are 5% more likely to divorce.

Parents of three girls are 10% more likely to divorce.

This was a complete manipulation of important data putty german for free! It is not clear why boys hold marriages together but it certainly doesn’t prove that women are “sacrilegious as shit.” Although my mother did once tell me that if I were to get married my wife would most certainly divorce me within a year, so maybe Dick was on to something.

Finally Dick decided to put all mental and physical health professionals out of work with his simple solution to Erectile Dysfunction (ED): cheat on your wife amazon orders.

My grandfather had ED. For awhile. Then it went away. Did Pop Pop cheat on Grandma? If Dick had been counseling him over the years there would be hell to pay.

I had had enough of this horrific, disgusting, sickening, abominable, intriguing, page-turning, witty and entertaining book. It was time to contact Dick and tell him that I was done with my research into misogyny daten vom ftp server herunterladen.

To: Dick Masterson (DickMasterson@gmail.com)
From: Rob Dobrenski, Ph.D. (RDobrenski@aol.com)
Subject: Termination of Professional Relationship

Dear Dick Mr. Masterson:

Upon careful consideration I have decided that it would be unacceptable for me to continue to read your well-written book as part of my clinical research into the mind of misogyny pdf architect download kostenlos. This is in spite of the book’s colossal merits as a provocative work that you should be ashamed of yourself for having written. You continue to have no respect for women. Thus, as much as it pains me to say, you should consider our relationship null and void. I hope you understand.

An hour or so later I got a response from Dick:

To: Rob Dobrenski, Ph.D herunterladen. (RDobrenski@aol.com)
From: Dick Masterson (DickMasterson@gmail.com)
Subject: RE: Termination of Professional Relationship

Of course I understand. Trying to objectively find anything wrong with chauvinism once you’ve read my book is like trying to look North when you’ve got the North Pole shoved up your ass.

You can’t. And it hurts.

As far as respecting women goes, you’re right. I don’t. I don’t respect a microwave for popping my popcorn, I don’t respect the fridge for chilling my booze, and I don’t respect women for popping out kids and bitching about what a great job they’re doing. That’s what they were built to do.

By the way, if you or any of your colleagues want to turn that “clinical” research into “practical” research, I can recommend a few other books that will have you guys knocking the pussy off that pedestal like it was a big bronze statue of Saddam Hussein — and then also riding it into the Soviet Union like you’re Slim Pickens.

Stay manly,

P.S. If you’re done reading my book, remember what I tell all the dissatisfied feminist [deleted expletive that my mom would really hate reading] getting copies of Men Are Better Than Women as graduation presents this year.

Don’t return it…just burn it.

It doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to know that this is clearly a cry for help. Anyone who mentions Saddam, the former Communist stalwart and the beloved star of Dr. Strangelove in the same sentence clearly needs intervention. However, help cannot be foisted upon a person. He has to want it. And he has my number. So I will sit patiently and wait for his call at which point I will show him the error of his ways. I’m sure he’ll call soon…

Silence. Tumbleweed blows by office door. Fade to black…

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51 Responses to “Dr. Rob Reviews “Men Are Better Than Women,” the Book”

  1. Linda says:

    I think the saddest thing here is that many women who read this article, or any thoughts from Dick, will make them second guess their capacity to be truly great and overcome people just like Dick. I did for a moment and then remembered that I eat men like him for breakfast- excuse the cliche.

  2. Amber says:

    “You women are delicate creatures and don’t have the stomachs or the brains to look into the supernova of raw and uncensored man-logic that compromises this book. Your fragile women-psyches cannot stand the depths of sophomoric intellect this book conjures on every page. Women, feel free to go broaden your horizons with healing crystals, Feng Shui wheels, or any of that other new-age monkey shit. Ever wonder why no one who anyone respects – like your father or Donald Trump – buys into that crap? Of course you don’t, because you’re a woman. You don’t wonder about anything.”
    Okay, I have to ask…is his entire book written in a form that assumes a woman would actually willingly buy it and read it in her free time? Or is it just choice paragraphs? I hope he’s using a pen name…if those “dissatisfied feminists” find him he be left a shadow of himself with a voice that sends him back to his pre teen years.

  3. kate says:

    “It doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to know that this is clearly a cry for help.”
    actually freud was on his side. freud said that because women can’t experience castration anxiety they develop less powerful superegoes than men and therefore have a lower moral threshold. most feminists think freud was a dick..

  4. lil'bit says:

    …and here I thought the saddest thing was how many people just jump at the opportunity to take him seriously.

  5. Blank says:

    Have you thought about writing a book yourself? I think it sounds like a pretty cool idea.
    Wait, I take it back because then you’ll be too busy to post on your site. =P

  6. Colin says:

    I was really hoping that after reading this through RSS and clicking through, the comments would understand what Dick is up to, and see that it is satire.
    Only took one comment to disillusion my naivety towards their reading comprehension.

  7. Charles says:

    Dr. Rob, I really hope someone as obviously smart as yourself would be able to figure it out, but Dick Masterson is writing parody, he isn’t actually serious. The content of his website is so over the top, and contradicts itself so much, and his personal behavior is so stereotypical, that it can’t be anything other than an elaborate prank.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s too bad that his form of parody utterly fails to be actually funny though.

  9. Sam says:

    Somehow this made me think of the quote ‘If women were as good as men, they’d be better’, from Terry Pratchett…
    I’m definitely going to get that book if I can, if only for the weird looks when reading it on the train (bet they won’t expect to see a woman reading that), thanks Dr. Rob!

  10. kate says:

    it’s awesome when people point out the obvious and the joke comes full circle..

  11. John Deere says:

    Ohhh you must be like, totally embarrassed right now. At least you have astute readers to point out subtle parodies for you.

  12. Wayland says:

    Hahaha. Love it.

  13. Jackmo says:

    haha that was quality, I will keep an eye out for that book cheers.
    And all the comments here and emotional responses crack me up:
    “Dr. Rob, I really hope someone as obviously smart as yourself would be able to figure it out, but Dick Masterson is writing parody, he isn’t actually serious.”
    Lucky your readers are here to keep you upto date :p
    p.s. completely off topic but do you get annoyed when people call you Rob and not Dr Rob?
    Dr. Rob Note: As long as they don’t call me Mr. Frank or Dr. Mike then I don’t really care…
    p.p.s. I assume that friend of yours that said she dosnt know why anyone would read your site is no longer your friend? If not, I hope you sorted her out!

  14. General Asshole :p says:

    So is this the appropriate time to tell a joke?
    “How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?”
    “Haha, don’t be silly. As if feminism ever changed anything.”
    Uh oh, I hear a lynch mob forming 😉

  15. Tracie says:

    You know, Dr. Rob could just be taking the piss out of all of us in being aware of the satire, then satirizing the reaction to the satire, and Masterson thusly satirizing the satire’s satire…
    Or not. Whatever. Hi, Dr. Rob.

  16. Michelle says:

    I’m surprised your readers actually think you’re that retarded! You should do book reviews monthly…like Oprah…!

  17. Mike says:

    I think it doesn’t take a doctorate to know that Dick Masterson is a comical genius. I have read his book and his website many times and had a million laughs at it. I personally have no real hatred of women but can see how men really are better. (That was said in good humor) I really hope people realize that every time you condemn Mr. Masterson he gets more money and publicity. Stay Manly Dick. I’m here for you like a MAN-made statue of reliability that is the very genetics that make up my penis wielding manliness.

  18. Jenna says:

    While what Dick says may be funny and we all know his is joking, other (dumber) people will take what he says seriously. Men have a much higher standing in society than women do, so it wouldn’t be hard for someone the think he’s serious. Unfortinutely, women aren’t helping the cause of equality by dressing like tramps and being tramps.

  19. Man says:

    Unfortunately, women aren’t helping the cause by misspelling the first word in this sentence.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This article does not, at any point, give any reason as to why Mr. Masterson is wrong. It just keeps saying it over and over again. Just because something is mean doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Men are better than women.

  21. Sam says:

    Maybe psychiatry is wrong in this context and Dick is right. I mean with all the affirmative action for women in academics, academic psychiatric research is biased toward bullshit equality.

  22. Patrick says:

    You know, I get a serious kick out of Dick. I get an even bigger kick out of people who think he is serious. The biggest kick I got from this review is that people think Dr. Rob doesn’t understand the joke. Come on guys, if you got it, he got it. I also enjoy people who can’t use grammar or spelling to make an actual statement.

  23. Anonymous says:

    “Men have a much higher standing in society than women do, so it wouldn’t be hard for someone the think he’s serious. ”
    How exactly does that work? I mean as a man I don’t have reproductive rights, will most likely lose my ass in a divorce, have to give up my seat on a lifeboat and would be laughed out of the welfare office for some kind of welfare check that many many single mothers get for making a stupid decision to raise a child on their own.
    Misogyny is the hatred of women. Dick doesn’t hate women any more than he would hate a puppy for shitting on his floor.
    I think “Dr” Rob needs a refund from his Ph.D program and should try a better school that doesn’t brainwash men into believing women are anything other than another human being with substandard capabilities.

  24. irlandes says:

    There is a lot of wishful thinking/denial here. For well over 40 years we have been inundated with the message that women are better then men, though women can’t do much unless affirmative action laws push them ahead of more qualified men.
    Dick points out the obvious truth that virtually every important thing done, invented, or built in history was done by a man, and you think he must be joking. Now that is funny!

  25. Kevin B says:

    Intervention is such a funny word. Never heard of it until I started working at a school. Now, there’s no In School Suspension (it’s intervention!) No more detention (it’s after-school intervention). Shrinks are not our friends, they are here to serve women.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think Dick’s book is a good thing. I don’t agree with a word in it and think the man is a nut, but it’s also great at proving three things. (1) That it’s perfectly alright to show and endorse “proof” that women are better than men , but it’s wrong and evil to show and do the converse, because the only damage in society is caused by men to women. (2) that (1)is so pervasive and fundamental that neither men or women are capable of recognising that it exists. (3) Women are just as insecure and stupid as men.

  27. Alex B says:

    This guy is simply the response for castrating new society built by feminism excesses. He makes me laught… and wondering. Maybe he is right, or maybe he’s not totally wrong!
    Even if it were just insanity (is it?), he is provocative and he defy the whole post-feministic dogma. At worst, you’ll be just more confident in your feministic or male-female equality argument. And knowing by yourself WHY you think the way you do is already a great gain in your life.
    I live in Quebec City and unless this is a beautiful province, this is too the worst women driven, castrative over-protective politically correct land I’ve found to this day.
    Make no mistake: I love women. Most of my friends are women. And I’ve been in my past what we call here a castrated “homme rose” (a pink man). As years passed, I’ve became fuckingly upset, mad and exasperated being their “best friend” (I hear other guys laughting at me right now). My exasperation initiated a light but growing chauvinism in me.
    And now, I’ve never been more wanted and desired by women than today. WTF?
    I still think there is something fundamentally wrong in all this. But that’s the fucking truth!
    I don’t know if it is a matter of being superior to women and I seriously doubt it. You know what? boys can fuck everything around too. But there is no doubt that if we says that men and women are equals, this is a BIG average EQUALITY depending on specific aspects of behavior…
    And yes, I can’t count a single girl in my entourage without a healing crystals, astrology superstitions or that kind of shit. They all grows mad at me if I try to bring them to reason with my scientific background (I’ve teached astronomy and astrophysics…). None of my female friends are atheistics, but most of my male friends are…
    p/s: excuse my typing mistakes, I’m a french-speaking person…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dick has thought many men worldwide the inalienable truth that all women are whores (in their natural state). For this alone he is worthy of praise.
    Dr. Rob Note: That’s a bold comment. Care to put your name and email on it? Dick puts his name on everything he says. Surely you can do the same. And I think you mean “taught,” not “thought.”

  29. Backlash says:

    I enjoy Mr. Masterson in small — albeit very occasional — doses. I can’t read minds, so I have no idea if he is serious or not; but the content is extremely funny. Like all good comedy, it includes an element of truth — even if that truth is deliberately partial or taken out of context. Nobody knows everything, so all truths are only true within a given context anyway.
    Any person familiar with modern brain research knows that, on average, men and women have different comparative strengths and weaknesses that are complementary. The trouble lies in using this information to create *limits* on people; because averages tell you very little about a given person. Some men are more empathic than some women; and some women are better at math than most men.
    “Different” is not the same as one being any better than the other. “Better” is contextual. In certain contexts, one is far better to be a fast runner than a nuclear physicist.
    Nevertheless, in a society filled with institutionalized hatred of men (affirmative action, custody/access/support, overzealous harassment laws and wacky feminazis who state that “all sex is rape”), Masterson’s work is refreshingly iconoclastic.

  30. Chris says:

    So the author of this blog has a Ph.D., but apparently cannot recognize sarcasm? Are they handing out those degrees like candy now? I think I’ll go back to school.
    Dick isn’t being serious. It’s a joke personality intended to get a rise out of people, thus to get popularity, thus to sell books.
    However, the greatest irony I see is when women (and men, I’ll be fair) cannot understand that Dick is joking.

  31. billy says:

    Hi Dick Im a female and I love your book its great , I do agree with the comments cause its true sad but true and because of your book more females will have more excuses to play dumb thanks keep publishing the books your the best God bless you.

  32. SPG says:

    Mr. Masterson is anything in this world but extreme. If I were him, I would start a revolution against women and put those whores to their places. His book is just a start and a foundation for understanding what makes a man a man, and this book is not for boys of single mothers, pussy whipped men and of course not women. I think he is a very sane man, and his thoughts are highly critical, yet truthful of women.

  33. Dven says:

    Yes, Dick needs some help. I know plenty of intellectual women, and I respect not only women but human beings. We’re all here for a reason, and the purpose of women isn’t simply to pop out babies, that’s just something that women are able to do. If you grab a handful of women and a handful of men, I’m 100% sure you’d find some women who are smarter.
    He’s going a little too far with all his statistics. I think he should find reason before he places blame, and stop being a stereotype. I don’t think he realizes how many people are severely hurt by men with mindsets like his.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It amazes me that so many people haven’t figured out that Dick Masterson is simply a character, and not an actual human being. Much like Robert Hamburger, it is simply an alter ego adopted by a clever man seeking to make money – and i dont mean that in an offensive way. It’s a very creative way of doing so.
    Much like “Robert Hamburger” had idiotic parents fuming about his obsession with ninjas, Dick Masterson is simply a character created by a man who is happy to step into the shoes of his own creation when need be. When he takes the glasses off, uses his real name, and goes about his daily business, he wouldn’t say any of the things he says on a regular basis regarding women.
    And despite being published by the same company which happily published Hamburger’s book, people STILL take this seriously and believe this is a real man with real beliefs.
    Even a supposed psychiatrist.

  35. Charity says:

    I’m astonished by the idea that men still, in this day and age, believe they are better than women. I shouldn’t be (after all I know I make less than a man – I see it every week in my paycheck) but the idealist within me refuses to see reality.
    Why can’t we all just be human and the same? Why do we have to be better than each other at all? All of us are unique in our own way and without men, woman would struggle and without women, men would struggle. Yes, each could get along without the other but not necessarily in a better way.
    What’s worse is to find people responding to this post with the same ignorant, prejudiced biases. That takes astonishment and knocks it out of the ballpark.
    Learn a little tolerance and understanding about the world and realize none of us are any better than anyone else – we just project our issues onto other people and don’t care about the damage it leaves behind.

  36. Johnson says:

    I used to think his book and website was parody, but having observed some of his more recent appearances and written prose, I’ve had to ditch that view. Parody or not, his website is currently gaining considerable popularity, not only with men, but a growing consensus of women who understand the generally sophistic and illusory nature of political correctness. This reflects broader societal acceleration in rejection of feminist social conditioning on the moral and societal fabric of certain contemporary western communities.
    Though he does write in a parodic style, there does appear to be a clear creedal undercurrent to his work which is staunch and consistent. His occasionally joking style belies quite a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which specific communities in the west have been intellectually compromised by liberalist social conditioning: Into believing that gender is a social construct as opposed to a biological distinction key to the proper psychological and physiological balance of humanity.
    This leads me to conclude that this guy is indeed, a chauvinist at heart, and is presenting his opinions in parody more due to idiosyncracies in his coping style.
    It’s becoming evident to me that feminism is now being challenged by an increasingly robust intellectual movement. Feminism has waged a concerted war against normal heterosexual behaviour and biological difference to the point of compromising our very humanity, destroying social, moral and familial integrity, and exposing our children to abuse and neglect. I have a background in neurophysiology and peer review, and I can attest that there is accruing evidence that men and women are sizeably different psychometrically and physiologically, and that “traditional” heteropatriarchal modes of gender-specific behaviour represent the neurobiological norm for humans, in the absence of social engineering. Funny how it is much information of this type is withheld from the public by the PC media.
    I read comments such as those above which are so undiscerning and misled on the broader nature of this issue that it occasionally makes me despair.

  37. kalel says:

    Men and women have equal roles in the eyes of nature , like all males and females from all species.
    But there had to be different roles , than why males and females???And not unisex like worms and others.Those differences are not just for decor or diversity.
    Men intelligence is a general intelligence based on logic , orientation both spatial and in thinking, physical and mathematical. Because of this men brains are bigger with 13% and use much more carbohydrates and other nutrients, in order to fuel that brain power.And this intelligence is responsible for all science , technology , inventions , because math, physics , chemistry , biology are a division of how a man brain works.
    Women intelligence is a social intelligence , based on emotions , memory ,copying and doing repetitive things.Because of this women brains are smaller and use much less carbohydrates and other nutrients , because their intelligence doesn’t require as much fuel as men intelligence does.And this intelligence is responsible for all the great families that have been on this earth, and because of them we managed to survive and increase our numbers , until we conquered the whole earth .But men intelligence is responsible for dominating the whole earth.
    Men bodies are bigger and stronger , with bigger and stronger bones and muscles. and recuperate faster.
    Women bodies are smaller and weaker so that they use less nutrients , in order to feed the babies , not themselves or to fight other males.And also have a vagina , not a penis , because there are sick feminist women who wear plastic penises , in order to say that they’re men.
    All of this because men had to compete against other men for mating rights , and because men had to gather food for kids and protect them .
    Women had to raise kids inside and outside of them , and to keep a family united , and to raise the kids as best as possible.
    Males were created in order for species to evolve, women to perpetuate the specie.
    There are intelligent and talented women who know this , they were intelligent enough to understand this ,so they could not be brainwashed by feminist .Feminist are just lesbian and women with imbalance in hormones(hairy and ugly) , like a continuous PMS, witch hate men to extreme and want to become men , and destroyed the respect for all the women strengths .
    Women are intelligent and talented in a woman way and can never be intelligent and talented in a man way, men are intelligent and talented in a man way and can never be intelligent and talented in a woman way.
    I said this because I know women who understood the differences in man and women , but some of them thought they had some hidden testicles in them , and so they got a male brain .
    It’s nothing like that , if you’re intelligent and talented woman, you don’t have a male brain , you have a intelligent female brain with the female strengths.And from my experiences you like art , music , painting , writing , and others .And you don’t have to have a Phd to be a intelligent woman , many of them are taking care of kids , and have regular jobs.
    This are the conclusions I ended up with form all my research so far .

  38. bill says:

    That is hilarious. Dick is spot on, I think I have a hero.

  39. KrZ says:

    This guy is the king of IRL trolls. I wish I could troll this hard.

  40. Anon says:

    Oh, and just look at all the WOMEN in here clamouring for their space on the site, fighting each other off, typing so fast it’s typotastic…
    Just to prove Dick “wrong”.
    Methinks they doth protesteth too much.
    Ladies, ladies. Get off the internets and go spend some poor clueless guy’s hard-earned money on knick-knacks, trinkets and shit. It’s what you’re best at, after all.

  41. Mysanthrope says:

    “Women intelligence is a social intelligence , based on emotions , memory ,copying and doing repetitive things.”
    How does that POSSIBLY pass as intelligence? If all that crap counts as intelligence then aside from emotions, my Xerox is smarter than women because it also faxes and collates.
    Way to aim high.
    “if you’re intelligent and talented woman, you don’t have a male brain , you have a intelligent female brain with the female strengths.And from my experiences you like art , music , painting , writing , and others”
    Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Rembrandt, Mozart Tchaikovsky, Bach, Handel, Grieg, da Vinci, Holst, Michelangelo, Blake, Dickens, Twain, Hughes, etc etc etc… And wouldn’t “art” and “painting” kinda fit into the same category?
    “This are the conclusions I ended up with form all my research so far .”
    Back to the chalkboard, professor.

  42. femanon says:

    as far as i can tell music and writing are art also… looks to me like a colon was meant after art (and from my experiences you like art: music, painting, writing and others), and in trying to point out someones foolishness you proved your own.
    and who gives a fuck anyway? who the fuck are you to be through out opinions some fucking guy? no one cares.

  43. CuntKilla says:

    I think it’s all so funny that after 40 years of feminist damage, we are not able to talk about how things really are. The best part of it all is that women never stop bitching about other women… They’re the first to admit, behind closed doors, how whorish the others can get, how bad they’re all inside. But we men, can’t do it, it’s another of their privilege they wouldn’t have taken away from them. And maybe it’s all there is. And maybe Dick is taking it.

  44. Maleanon says:

    Methinks femanon needs better house training. First, learn to fucking spell and make a coherent sentence. Second, shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen, since a MAN is invariably paying for your internet connection.

  45. Lidia says:

    I could not help to sense a sympathetic tone to Dr. Rob’s comments about this writer. I wonder if it’s an admiration to his writing, to the writer’s boldness, or ?????

  46. Lidia says:

    After an year of getting to know Dr Rob’s work, I have to say… I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon this site.

  47. hcc says:

    I would normally think dick was writing satire… but after seeing him on various talk shows, he is most definitely not satire. He is just that ridiculous.

  48. Annie says:

    That´s insane!

  49. gifts for women…

    […]Dr. Rob Reviews “Men Are Better Than Women,” the Book « Shrink Talk[…]…

  50. Ashley says:


    To everyone who is so certain this dude is trying to be humourous/satirical…what makes you so sure? People do hold genuine opinions that are so off the wall that they are indistinguishable from satire.

    Even if he is being “funny,” just look at all the comments here alone that show some agreement with him or contempt towards women. Masterson may be an extreme example, but there’s a reason he’s getting attention and enjoying some success. Some degree of contempt for women is depressingly common. It’s not at all hard to believe that the guy is dead serious (or that if it is some persona to sell books, he’s still tapping into something very real in our culture).