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Welcome to Here’s What To Think, hosted by PJ of and Rob Dobrenski, author of this site breakout spiele kostenlos herunterladen. While you’re here, browse the rest of Dr. Rob’s site for the most human, hilarious, and honest take on the world of psychology you’ve ever read ipod musik kostenlosen.

[Being a shrink] can be many things: daunting, humbling, gratifying, inspiring, depressing, yet sometimes bizarre and humorous (to both my clients and me) das booten. So read on to more fully understand what happens “on the couch,” learn a bit about people and what makes them tick, and see that mental health treatment is not for the “weak or crazy.”

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This show is updated each Wednesday, so bookmark this page to keep up-to-date with the unusual guests, topics, and viewpoints we present ik kan ios 13 niet downloaden. We’re liable to cover red wine reviews, baby hating, music snobs, psychological indulgence, film critiques, best bourbon brands, cultural elitism, lawyers drugs and money, reverse discrimination, navel gazing, Jesus loves you herunterladen. Make of it what you will.

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Mental Floss, June 9
Dr wii games for free. Rob and our guest, Casey Barbaro, a licensed school guidance counselor, give tips on the healthiest and simplest ways to manage your life.

In Which We Do Nothing, June 1
No plan, no theme, no guest, no real guidance or map windows explorer 9 download for free german. Listener advice from Rob, dissection of religious institutions from PJ, and contributions from callers. With BL1Y of

Previous Episodes

A Bad Idea That Went Well, May 26
Psychic and author Rebecca Anne LoCicero ( joins us to discuss the experience of being psychic, to turn the tables and analyze Dr spider solitaire download kostenlos für mac. Rob for a change, and to confound PJ at every turn. Thanks to the recent Supreme Ruling, there is also a lot of detail about sex crimes.

Asshole 101, May 17
Chris Illuminati, co-author of Assholeology, joins us to discuss the definition and utility of being an asshole download alarm clock. Dr. Rob delves into the psyche of an asshole, while Chris supplies the data. PJ keeps everyone honest, and Donika gets predictably disgusted. And of course, the obligatory morality tale to close the show and justify taking up your time.

Introducing The Elephant In The Room, May 10
With professional basketball player and author of Can I Keep My Jersey?, Paul Shirley. We’ll use Shirley’s recent essay on Haiti to discuss the rewards and perils of being a contrarian. Paul and Rob will commiserate over losing jobs for speaking their minds. PJ will explore the role of social media in truth telling, and we’ll learn more about Paul’s latest online venture,

We’re Totally Freaking Out Over Here, May 3
With guest, Jonathan Bernstein, author of Keeping the Wolves at Bay, discussing media management in crisis situations. PhilaLawyer and yours truly will cover the legal and psychological angles on crises. We’ll diagnose how the media has been handled in recent events like the Catholic Church scandal, recent high-profile breakups and health care reform.

Your Worst Nightmare, April 26
In which PJ covers psychedelic drug research, Dr. Rob takes on personal choice, and BL1Y is kind enough to fill us in on the PUA philosophy.

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