Crazy Outtakes

CRAZY was released by Lyons Press on June 14, 2011. You may buy now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. If you enjoyed these pieces please consider giving your blessing to my Facebook Fan Page kann man bei netflix alle filmeen. Thank you.

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  1. […] I both recognized it and it was simply pulled. Fortunately, a lot of that material is now in the ‘Crazy Outtakes’ section of this site, so you are getting more reading for free if you choose to take a […]

  2. […] I’d like to offer you another outtake from my book, ‘Crazy.’ However, unlike the other Outtakes, this one isn’t free. To access this 1,900 word piece of literary genius, you need to earn […]

  3. […] anecdote is a great piece of evidence. It’s terrible. However, I include it here, along with the other Outtakes, because I did say this section of the site was to show how writers grow over time. Also, some of […]

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