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“If you ever wondered what your shrink was like out of office hours, then this is the book for you warcraft 3 download for free. A fascinating, thought-provoking and at times hilarious read.” – Dr. Robin Baker, author of Sperm Wars and Primal

“Most people who get into psychology as a profession do it because they’re crazy, and it’s their way of healing themselves herunterladen. The problem is, they never admit this fact to themselves or to anyone else. Dr. Rob does what very few psychologists ever do: He looks at himself with the same eye for analysis that he uses for his patients.” – Tucker Max, author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

“It takes a truckload of guts to write a book this honest about one’s profession film von ard mediathek downloaden. To pen one as funny and insightful as Crazy is, simply, amazing. You’ll never view therapy in the same light again.” – The Philadelphia Lawyer, author of Happy Hour Is for Amateurs


Psychologists have one of the greatest job in the world: we help give relief from mental pain www.jw.orgen. We listen and respond to psychological difficulties on an hourly basis, hear people pour their hearts out, share their deepest secrets. Day after day, week after week we give wisdom, direction, advice, perspective background images without registration and for free. Many people venerate us. A day in the life of a shrink is daunting, humbling, exciting and, most often, incredibly gratifying as we sit with people from all walks of life herunterladen. We meet interesting people with fascinating, sometimes “edge-of-your seat” stories to tell. Sometimes the work is humorous and light-hearted, such as a woman lamenting her horrible date with a millionaire who insisted they dine at Taco Bell herunterladen. Other times it’s serious and sobering, like when we need to help a teenager stop slicing her own arms and legs.

And yet while we bask in the glow of giving people a better quality of life, letting people believe we are ‘mental giants,’ we ourselves suffer herunterladen. We’re depressed, anxious, battle with crippling panic attacks, OCD, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. We take Zoloft, or worse, antipsychotics. We get God Complexes and sometimes charge exorbitant fees desktop icon herunterladen. We drink too much and have horrible relationships. And sometimes we even have no clue what we are doing in the office! We love to believe that we are perhaps quirky, eccentric, maybe even neurotic, but certainly not ill ps4 titelbilder downloaden. But it’s true. And we sit in our offices, listening to people talk about themselves, helping in ways that often impact them for perhaps the rest of their lives. And yet we never let them know how screwed up we really are. In reality, we’re just like them: crazy.

CRAZY is a work of creative non-fiction. It is the first and only professionally written, popular psychology book to truly come clean, to demonstrate in both entertaining and educational language, what can really happen behind the therapist’s door (and in the so-called expert’s life). It demonstrates in a page-turning and dramatic fashion, what therapists really think about both their patients and, more importantly, their own psychological problems that we all share as part of the human experience.

Part exposé and part memoir, using both humorous and seriously toned anecdotes, this book will show that whether you are a patient, doctor or someone in between, part of being a person involves being ‘crazy.’ How? Because in this unique book, those dispensing the wisdom, medications and perspectives, the psychiatrists and psychologists that many people revere, are ‘crazy’ themselves.

The stories in this book are from my real-life experiences as both a graduate student and practicing psychologist. This is not a literary version of the HBO series “In Treatment,” where the premise simply serves as a backdrop for over-the-top drama. The book shows how true mental health professionals think, feel and act both in and out of the therapy room.

If you are a fan of this site, I think you will be more than happy with the final product.

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