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by Dr. Rob and Ben Corman

Test Episode: Technology Addiction

Episode 1: The Moral Failings of Comic Book Films, Boring People and Anonymously Admitting to Rape on the Internet

Episode 2: Should Sex Offenders Remain in Prison, Fear/Loathing of the Elderly, Ben’s Film and Rob’s Book

Episode 3: Message boards on the internet: Intellectual Stimulant or Social Hinderance?

Episode 4: Sex Work, “Vodka Eyeballing” (yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like) and some drunk talk

Episode 5: Little bit of everything, including that little voice inside of us that tells us how much we suck.

Episode 6: World Cup soccer and are you a “hero” simply because you are in the military vpn mac free?

Episode 7: An interview with A-List porn start Tyler Knight.

Episode 8: Hot women dating wealthy older men, my obsession with age-defying face products and some brief discussion of the World Cup.

Episode 9: Revisiting the topic of ‘when we should stop blaming our parents for us being so fucked up’ adobe photoshop cs5 free nederlands.

Episode 10: Dream analysis and why wives begin affairs after Mother’s Day.

Episode 11: Why Hollywood sucks, bad parenting, and the possibility that I will sing a Rock Band song on an upcoming episode?

Episode 12: Am I an elitist for owning an iPad? Also, a novel way for helping the elderly kann ich ein video von facebook herunterladen. Good stuff.

Episode 13: The greatest video of all time, especially if you don’t like kids.

Episode 14: Ben Corman kills at the comedy festival, and yet the readers still call me the funnier person on the show.

Episode 15: 11 year-olds giving film reviews is completely asinine, yet it’s a smart business idea sketchup make 2017 herunterladen.

Episode 16: Why fiction is a dead art and how reality TV has hit rock bottom. Also, I was witness to the horrible “casting couch.”

Episode 17: The trapped miners, a 100km traffic jam, me bashing shrinks and, of course, Ben’s depression.

Episode 18: Labor Day musings, including some woman who is suing Facebook for getting the boot from their site antivirus mcafee free download chip.

Episode 19: Donika Miller fills in for me as I head off to Germany. Good stuff from her.

Episode 20: Stuck in Germany for an extra day, so Donika decided to steal my thunder again.

Episode 21: Back from Germany, so we discuss Oktoberfest, deathrays and rodents on the loose in Brooklyn wie kann man videos für whatsapp herunterladen.

Episode 22: The Duke Fuck List, Eminem, and why I wear lots of different kinds of socks.

Episodes 23 and 24: Double episode!

Episode 25: A 4 year-old being sued for unlawful killing?

Episode 26: I have Wikipedia page, David Sedaris’s awesomeness and Ben’s…lack of awesomeness prison break herunterladen.

Episode 27: Free music (and how to get it) and a new breakthrough in Schizophrenia research.

Episode 28: A writing contest, why punishment is an inferior form of behavior modification and why I don’t ever need to buy napkins ever again.

Episode 29: Why it doesn’t matter that Narcissistic Personality Disorder won’t be in the DSM-V and my first foray into writing pure fiction herunterladen.

Episode 30: Winners of the short fiction exercise are announced and discussed. Great writing by so many authors. You can read those pieces here.

Episode 31: How to be “happy” during the holiday season (hint: you can’t) and other depressive musings.

Episode 31: Should Michael Vick have been killed? Are Facebook users narcissists videos tumblren?

Episode 32: The best “art” of the past decade has been decided.

Episode 33: Because the Oscars are an abomination, this show is for the real Best Pictures of the year

Episode 34: We had to talk a bit about Charlie Sheen, but more from how much the media sucks because of him perspective.


Here’s What to Think

by Dr. Rob, The Philadelphia Lawyer and Donika Miller videos von youtube downloaden legal kostenlos. Use the player below to stream or download episodes and enjoy!

Size It Up, August 25
We’re joined by Ricky Bledsoe, author of Penis Envy: 101 Things To Do If You Think Your Penis Is Too Small. We also learn what the happiest years of Dr. Rob’s life have been so far. 

Life After Life, June 16
We talk with Brian Kannard, author of Skullduggery, on the various fates that people can meet once they’re dead and buried. Rob and PJ debate music, and PJ scares the hell out of everyone about the economy.

Previous Episodes

Mental Floss, June 9
Dr. Rob and our guest, Casey Barbaro, a licensed school guidance counselor, give tips on the healthiest and simplest ways to manage your life.

A Bad Idea That Went Well, May 26
Psychic and author Rebecca Anne LoCicero ( joins us to discuss the experience of being psychic, to turn the tables and analyze Dr. Rob for a change, and to confound PJ at every turn. Thanks to the recent Supreme Ruling, there is also a lot of detail about sex crimes.

Asshole 101, May 17, 2010
Chris Illuminati, co-author of Assholeology, joins us to discuss the definition and utility of being an asshole. Dr. Rob delves into the psyche of an asshole, while Chris supplies the data. PJ keeps everyone honest, and Donika gets predictably disgusted. And of course, the obligatory morality tale to close the show and justify taking up your time.

Click here for the entire “Here’s What To Think” archive.

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